COVID Antibody Testing
in Los Angeles

Covid Testing Los Angeles

Knowing Can Help Stop the Spread

Have you recovered from COVID or recently received a vaccine?

Testing for COVID antibodies is a critically important step in protecting yourself and others and even find out if the vaccine is working properly. These tests also help health officials monitor and halt the spread of the novel coronavirus in the Los Angeles area. By getting a COVID antibody test now, you can help our entire community defeat the virus.

Covid Testing Los Angeles

What is COVID Antibody Testing?

A COVID antibody test (also known as a “serology” test) analyzes your blood to find out if your body is producing the proteins to combat the virus. This can occur after you have recovered from a COVID infection or after receiving a vaccine.

Antibodies are proteins your immune system produces to combat viruses and other infectious diseases. Your body learns to create these antibodies after being exposed to viruses or other foreign organisms. Antibodies not only combat current infections but can also protect you from getting infected again. However, the duration of this protection varies from person to person and from disease to disease.

Health experts are currently studying COVID antibodies to determine the level of protection they provide. It is presently assumed antibodies are generally effective for 90 days after recovering from an infection, although some cases of reinfection have been reported. Getting tested for COVID antibodies can greatly aid in discovering these answers, as well as helping you protect yourself and your loved ones.

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Benefits of Antibody Testing

By testing for antibodies, you will know if your body is currently producing the tools to protect itself from COVID after being exposed — even if you never had symptoms — or if your vaccine is working.

With Covid antibody testing Los Angeles health professionals are able to monitor transmission dynamics of the virus and prepare more effective means of protecting people in our communities.

Local and state leaders will be able to better gauge efforts to reopen local businesses and activities by understanding as much as possible about how the virus spreads. This knowledge is vitally important as we seek to resume our daily lives.

Furthermore, when people with COVID antibodies donate plasma, the antibodies in their blood may be able to help save the lives of people suffering from severe symptoms of coronavirus infection.

Limits of Antibody Testing

Antibody testing should not be used to diagnose a current infection because it can take one to three weeks after infection for your body to produce the appropriate antibodies. If you are concerned about possible exposure or are currently experiencing symptoms, you should get a diagnostic test. To schedule an appointment for a diagnostic test in one of our safe, private clinics, please click here.

Am I a Candidate?

You are eligible for COVID-19 antibody testing if you have:

  • Been diagnosed with COVID in the past three months
  • Experienced symptoms consistent with COVID in the past three months, even if you did not receive a positive test or diagnosis
  • Believe you have been exposed to COVID in the past three months, even if you never experienced symptoms
  • Received one or more doses of a COVID vaccine


Antibody testing for COVID is performed by drawing a small amount of blood from your body and then having it analyzed. One of our trained Los Angeles Covid antibody testing healthcare professionals will gently draw your blood via finger prick or from a vein in your arm. The blood will then be analyzed in our lab. Once the analysis is complete, we will contact you immediately. Results are typically expected within a few days.


The results of your test will either be “positive” or “negative”.

A positive result means your body is successfully producing the antibodies that work against COVID as a result of infection or the vaccine. It is possible for false-positive results to occur if your body is producing antibodies of disease very closely related to the novel coronavirus.

Negative results mean you have not been exposed to the coronavirus or that the vaccine is not working and your immune system is not producing antibodies for COVID.

False-negative results can occur if your infection is only very recent since it can take one to three weeks for antibodies to develop.

Keep in mind that studies are ongoing as to how much protection from the virus antibodies provide and how long that protection lasts. Health experts advise that you should continue to take proper precautions -- wearing a mask, properly washing your hands frequently, and social distancing -- even if your antibody test results are positive.

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