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Rapid COVID Test Results

For patients that need rapid COVID test results, we are pleased to offer same-day COVID testing in Marina Del Rey and Hawthorne, CA.

With the pandemic a continuing concern, it is more important than ever to protect the health of our patients and their families with rapid COVID testing. For those who don’t want to wait days or weeks for the results of their COVID test Los Angeles residents can have an accurate diagnosis in the same day!*

Introducing the Abbot ID Rapid COVID-19 Test

The latest technology is available with Abbot ID Now technology. This is a fast COVID test device that provides patients with convenience and efficacy with instant results on demand.

Abbot ID Now is a portable, rapid molecular device that is critical to getting a rapid COVID-19 diagnosis. It uses advanced molecular testing to quickly detect novel coronavirus obtained from a patient swab. Physicians consider the proven technology to be the gold standard in COVID testing.

When every minute counts

The benefit of a COVID rapid test is that it allows our patients to learn immediately if recent contact with an infected person has led to an active infection. Additionally, rapid results are useful for patients that need to demonstrate that they are safe to return to work, school, or travel when the proof is needed on short notice. Learning whether you have an active COVID infection without waiting days or weeks for results helps stop the spread of the virus.

Armed with the knowledge of a proper diagnosis, the tested individual can begin quarantining immediately to keep others safe as they recover. As a benefit of Rapid COVID tests Los Angeles communities can stay informed and safe, particularly as businesses slowly begin to reopen. With a rapid test, more patients can be tested in a given day to determine if, and how, the virus is spreading locally.

Outfitted with modern virus testing technology and a team of trained medical staff, now you can have an accurate diagnosis in the same day!

Same Day COVID-19 Test Results Q&A

How much does Same-day COVID Testing cost?

While most insurance covers basic COVID testing, many patients require the peace of mind that comes with same-day results. Rapid tests may incur a higher out-of-pocket cost, but when every minute matters, it is well worth the cost. Cash is the accepted payment method for same-day results at this time.

What happens if you get a positive COVID test result?

Receiving a positive diagnosis for COVID can be scary, but we are with you every step of the way. Taking swift action can help protect the health of yourself and others in the event of a positive COVID test result. A 14-day isolation period (quarantine) will help prevent the spread. Positive patients should stay home except to attend medical appointments during this time. Wearing a protective face mask to and from those appointments is essential. It is also wise to advise anyone you may have come into contact with recently of the diagnosis so that they may get tested as well.

What does a negative COVID test mean?

A negative COVID test result indicates that the patient was not infected at the time the test was performed. Please note a negative test result does not prevent the individual from contracting the virus in the future.

Even with a negative result, it is vital to continue wearing face masks in public, perform regular hand washing, and avoid crowds and unnecessary travel pursuant to government guidelines.

What precautions are taken to keep the testing facility safe?

We take patient safety seriously. Each test is performed one person at a time to ensure the privacy and safety of every client. We follow rigorous cleanliness standards in order to reduce the risk of virus transmission within the facility.

Our test technicians are trained with your health and safety in mind. All government mandates for COVID-19 safety are followed, such as requiring staff and patients to cover their mouth and nose with a protective face mask inside the building. Remaining 6 feet apart is enforced.

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A person can contract the virus and begin spreading the disease even without obvious symptoms. Call us today at (424) 305-5842 to learn more about the same day COVID test for the fastest diagnosis possible.

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